The Makrinos Chronicles

Greetings, fellow Mayanauts and Arachne Diver! 


This Site is a copy from the international Infinity Forum and I placed here for storage reason. To many data had been lost in the past do to system changes and flatform switches.

This here is what many before us have started, a story based recods of games me and my friends (probably most @M - just M ) are doing. We had already a thread (check here ) but we somewhat have lost track of that story line, though we surely will pick it up at some point.
So, why start a new thread? The old thread was basically my Nomads vs NOD Biotech. Since then, our background has evolved quite a bit and we felt a bit "limited" with just these two armies. That's why we will opne this up a bit and fill it with new storylines and of casue game based development.
I think a disclaimer here is in order: As you probably might have seen alreaady, I am not a native english speaker, so, please for give me my orthography I will do my best to keep this in check. Further more, I am far from what I consider a good writer. Nontheless, I enjoy the thought that, to at least some point, you might find my writings (M is a way better writer, I bet you will surely enjoy his work) amusing at best.
Another point is, we do our best to stick to the rules, a good as we can. But since we are not gaming each week our knowledge of the rules is sometimes... fluid... so that we might decide to play the game as we see fit in that moment. We are mainly after a good story, not a tournament legal win.
So, jump in and enjoy the dive!

The Makrinos System

The Protagonists

Operation: Golem

Tiberium Run

Operation: Emerald Rising

Operation: Emerald Rising is somewhat the sequel to the conflict between DEC and  NOD Biotech. When the story sofar had been developed from game to game, I wanted to have a somewhat story line to follow in advance here. Depending on the games result, the next mission would be determined. To create the Mission-Tree, I used (again) the  20x20 Misson System, simply renaming the Missions to fit better into the storyline. The basic idea was the the two Companies would get closer and closer to each other until a full clash of arms would be achieved... or prevented.

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