Monday, November 20, 2017

Wotan: Glue, Baby, Glue

Glue, Baby, Glue - the original Bat Rep

Glue, Baby, Glue

Glue, Baby, Glue

++This is La Forja Control, Section MH7, do you copy PILEUS?++
++This is Captain Argos of the PILEUS, I do copy.++
++Captain. Do you have a security detail on board?++
++i do. Rest and eager to get the hands dirty. How can I help you?++
++Our securty system has registered an intrusion in our system. Someone is trying to cover up a hull-breach and an intrusion on sublevel 35. We have all available units busy in other locations. Recon the sublevel and arrest the despassers. Yu Jing units have trie to infiltrate our facilities for days and we need prove of that, so do us the favour and capture some of the alive.++
++Unterstood, a glue party then? Consider it done!++
"This is your beloved Captain! We have work to do! And you know what? I will join you on this raid!"
Tablesides have been chosen
Table setup
Nomad deployment
"Mkay folks, plan's as follow. The enemy has been detected in this section. We need to capture as many opponents with glue. But if they resist, give them hell. We need some recon units to secure the sectors infoterminals and deny the trespassers access to the stations network. You, Acrass, take the felt console, Mr. Null, you take the right. You will get support by our fourlegged friends, buffed by the support units. Hector and his Helen-MG will take the center.
Go Go Nomads!"
**Tsyklo in position**
Team Midfield in position
EVO support active... Overclock online
Long range scans have detected enemy movement.
Apparently, the are not humans...
It's the Tohaa! What do they do here?!
Acrass here! They have accessed the console. Taking fire! Hey! I am pretty outnumbered here!
We are having our hands pretty full here ourself. Tohaa units advancing down the main lane!
Taking fire. They took out Freddo!
The aliens are closing in on the second console! We need to stop them!
"Can someone please take caare of those snipers?! We are pretty much pinned down here!" "Consider it done!"
Hektor did not just take down the two snipers, but also glued the alien LT to the ground. Luck shot of the battle.
"You have just been INTRUDERED!"
"Attention people! The second console has been taken over by the aliens!"
"I have been hit! Revenge me bromads!"
"I would, but this alien is dancing right infront of me!"
Using the smoke layed down by the enemy, Mr Null realised that this was his chance. He sneaked out of the building, right up to the console. While he couldn't see the alien in the smoke, he yet could hear them shuffle. A few moments later, he had accessed the concole and chaned the logkeys, so that the Tohaa would not be able to gain access to the system from this console.
And while I am here, he thought, I will leave them some surprises here, placing the mines...
I need to rid mmyself of this creep, Argos thought, even if it unveils me. The alien had been standing right in front of him, moving slighlty from left to rigght as if it was trying to rather sniff him than see him. He slowly pulled his Combirifle up and then erupted in movement. While throwing himself to the side he gave a series of shots straaight at the alien at point blank range. The alien was hit in the chest and was taken off its feet by the impact force..
"Hey bossman! There is more trouble moving up your way!"
"It wants me alive!" Argos thought "It is not using its leathal weapons! But I won't let it have me!" A scream on his lips he put all his weight into his blows. Surrounded and outnumbered or plainly scared by hi scream, the alien pulled back and dissapeaared behind a corner.
In the end, it was the Nomads having glued down a LT, but all the specialists had proven to die to easy or were hiding so good, they were unreachable. The sneaky Tohaa had glued down Switch, but due to the glorious work of the clockmaker, those points were dnied to the alien menace.
Each of us had a console in the end and no classified, which let the Nomad side to win with 5:1

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hivefleet Hydra - The Dominatrix

Greetings everybody!

In the early day of (well, early from nowadays... we all get old :D) there had been one the one side, compared to todays range, very few Tyranids Models out there.
On the other hand, very talented people crowded there, designing concepts and ideas for all kinds of tyranids.

And since the carnifex was the only biggy in plastic, owning a hierodule form Forge World was one of the biggest thing to have.
By a lucky coincident I came into the possession of a second hierodule.

But, what to do, with a second one, when there is hardly a chance to field even one.

On warpshadow, someone had posted a concept for an updated Dominatrix....
A Dominatrix? No that is not something kinky...


"A Dominatrix (Tyranicus praepotens) is the Tyranid Norn-Queen's link to the Tyranid swarms on the ground as the Norn-Queen must stay aboard the Hive Fleet's largest Hive Ship to continue birthing more Tyranid bioforms. This colossal creature is a fearsome opponent, for its sheer mass and panoply of bio-weaponry dwarf that of an Imperial super-heavy tank. The Dominatrix is no unthinking beast -- its level of intelligence is akin to that of the Hive Tyrant, and its link to the Hive Mind surpasses even those mighty creatures. Whilst within range of the Dominatrix's psychic aura, lesser Tyranid creatures become little more than an extension of the Dominatrix's will. As a result, a swarm under the Dominatrix's direct supervision functions with uncanny efficiency and a tactical genius that is beyond compare. Fortunately, such beasts are extremely rare in all but the most advanced and mature Tyranid swarms, for where the Dominatrix treads, doom surely follows."

Until that updated concept, a Dominatrix had only appeared in Epic 40k looking like that:

At some point, some in the olden days of 40k, someone build an 28mm scale Dominatrix:
And now, the concept of the 3rd Edition updated Dominatrix:
Isn't she a beauty?

With that in mind and a hierodule to spare, I did the unthinkable and put a saw to a Forge World Model, which resulted in the following:

So, follow my progress along the pictures of how I turned that piece of resin into a Dominatrix:

At that point I was pretty much done, but I just didn't like that guns barrel and at some point the riders faces aswell...

That beast done, it was time to make a base. Since in my oppinion, the base is the chance to tell a story beyond the model itself, I wanted something contrasting to the Dom. Since tyranids are based on organic matter, I wanted the base to bring the biggest possible contrast and represent the anorganic sphere. Aside from that, I wanted to show the effect of a tyranid weapon...

 Now, it was only a matter of paint :D

In the end, the Dom won me bronze at the Golden Demon Canada 2007 ...
And became part of Bell of Lost Souls Apocalypse Titan Spreadsheets:


That conversion became so popular that Mr. Pink redid it even twice :D

I hope you enjoyed my little roam though "back in the days"!

Stay tuned!