Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hivefleet Hydra - The Warriors

Greetings, everybody!

On todays menu, Tyranid warriors.

The sneek peek site in the White Dwarf announced one fine day new models for the tyranid range. Depicted was the a plastic tyranid warrior. That was the time I came back to 40k and back into the hobby after my puberty hiatus.

I LOVE the Warrior Model. It is such a unique design, and though I am currently wandering different paths in the hobby, the warrior is still one of my favourite models.

In 4th Edition, there were severall way to play Tyranids. Hivefleet Moloch initiated a pure onslaught of Big Bug Armylists, called the "Godzilla Army".

I wanted to have something different and came up with the warrior list.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hivefleet Hydra - The Babyphant

Greetings everybody!

Another blast from the past!
I arranged my Tyranids in different Broods.
Brood one was basically the first army I ever made. Being a big fan of genestealers, it mainly consisted of Genestealers, Liktors, a Hive Tyrant... a generic Tyranid Army.

Brood Two was supposed to be something special. While Hivefleet Moloch build his Godzilla Army, I wanted to have somethig until today rather unique. A Tyranid Warrior army. I will shine some light on the Warriors next time.

Today I want to show you the so called "Babyphant".