Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Report Status


Victory Conditions:
Players get 1 OP for every model that has reportet the status on the console(OM).
When a trooper with the skills Lieutenant or Executive Order attempts to report, the player may reveal the skill and receive 2 OP instead of 1 if the trooper succeeds in reporting the status.

The maximum number of OPs to be scored by reporting the status is 6.

+1 OP is scored for having reported more often than the opponent.

Prelude: Report Status

"We need to get moving" someone said. The left over of the DEC Taskforce scambled to their feet. "We need to get moving and find a way to contact HQ!". "Great Idea Yen, but first we need to find out where we are, before we can find a way home." the Bagh Mari said.

Before anything else could be said, the ground started to shake and a deep threatening growl came from behind the squad. The industrial area they just had left dissapeared in a rapidly growing cloud of dust and debris. "At least that worked! That damned place should be burried now!"

"A catastrophic mine excident has destroyed large parts of the industrial site 04.67. Tonight at around 11:30 a devestating gas explosion in an old mining facility beneath 04.67 led to the total collaps of the old mine shafts, which resulted in a massive land slide into the newly formed pit. Luckily no citizens were harmed, since 04.67 was a fully automatic site. Mayor Hen Cu of Sektor 4, the adjacent commercial district said, that these old mine still hold a thr..."
Cao Masuri

How To: Building Table for Infinity

Greetings Everybody!

Tody, I want to talk about tables. I don't want to go in depth into the pun about table top or all the buyable stuff out there.

There are reasons out there to buy mats from one of the many different manufacturers (i.e. you are running a tournament), but for my tatse, they are a "easy way out". The other, rather rare typ is the sculpted board and most of the time, those are far from affordable.

Here I want to show you, how I tried to combine the two aspects  find most important for a board: affordable and textured .

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hivefleet Hydra - The Warriors

Greetings, everybody!

On todays menu, Tyranid warriors.

The sneek peek site in the White Dwarf announced one fine day new models for the tyranid range. Depicted was the a plastic tyranid warrior. That was the time I came back to 40k and back into the hobby after my puberty hiatus.

I LOVE the Warrior Model. It is such a unique design, and though I am currently wandering different paths in the hobby, the warrior is still one of my favourite models.

In 4th Edition, there were severall way to play Tyranids. Hivefleet Moloch initiated a pure onslaught of Big Bug Armylists, called the "Godzilla Army".

I wanted to have something different and came up with the warrior list.